AVK Plast gives the work of quality control high priority as to careful and systematic handling. Thus we operate with a number of parameters, which makes it possible to monitor and register that all units comply with national and international standards as well as our customers’ and own company quality requirements.

As we produce both low budget products with minor demands to accuracy and finish, and advanced precision products, we focus on the planning of the quality-oriented activities. From

the initial meeting with our customers we start a constructive and systematic dialogue in order to obtain an exhaustive knowledge to the product in details, the accurate requirements

and the quality criteria specified by the customer.

In case of any deviations during the production, we work purposive to correct and improve the process in time for the next production.

PDCA (Plan Do Check Action) is merely one of the elements in the planning of our quality control. During the production, we specify PPAP documentation, which is a wish or a requirement from a still growing part of our customers. In connection with statistic process control (SPC) and reporting, we take out crucial measure points. We check i.e. Cp and Cpk values that indicate the quality of the process in proportion to the specifications made by the customer.

AVK Plast is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.



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