In the 12 months that I have now been Managing Director of AVK Plast, I have, together with the organisation, established what is central to our injection-moulding business. The expression ”Understanding our customers' business” describes our focus on delivering to our customers.

The end has come for the 1200 tons Eastern German ”Grand old Lady” from the 60ies – it has served its purpose and produced millions of plastic parts. It comes from a time when energy and environment were less important than today. We thank it for all its hard work – it will now be scrapped – after a period of retirement.

They keep a close eye on the screens ... decisions have to be made about the production of new tools. This is a step of the development process and design review of a new part for the customer.

Kasper produces valves, pipes and fittings in many hundred different dimensions and forms – all for drinking water: “It is interesting to imagine that some of the parts I produce will be placed several metres below ground surface – perhaps for more than 100 years – and that they will transport many billions of litres of clean drinking water to small and large urban communities in Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

Bjørn is an operator on the injection-moulding machines that produce parts for a customer who has developed aids and appliances for disabled children. There are over 100 different aids and appliances products and there are over 10 different sub-pieces for these products that all aim to make life easier for children who have to live with a disability.

Niels is an operator on the machines that primarily produce recirculated plastics (ReCy) – the big machines that produce the very big parts: pallets, waste containers, Green-Tech, etc. Niels tells in detail about the various combinations of the different textures and combinations of materials and the importance that materials, parts, tool, pressure and heat form a synthesis in order to achieve a good-looking and uniform result in accordance with the quality descriptions ... every time.

The idea of recycling at many levels and reducing the use of resources is not a new one but for many different reasons for the society, the development has been accelerated. The business sector, the state and the municipalities are in a motivation phase that is strongly pointing to intentions and actions.

The first meeting about the production of a new part with a customer is a development meeting. It is a meeting about collaboration and a partnership to realise ideas. The part has to be injection moulded and we must ensure that the user's experience is in accordance with the user's requirements for design, function and operation.


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