Structural foam

Structural foam moulding is typically used for products, where the component weight needs to be reduced, where the tension in the materials needs to be avoided or where creative freedom of the designer is required.

The designer has more freedom to make complicated designs, because large variation in material thicknesses is not a problem with structural foam moulding. Typical material thickness is varying in the product and between 4 and 10 mm.

The moulding process includes injecting propellant in the process and this creates a material structure that is the same throughout the product and consisting of material with internal pores. 




The primary advantage of structural foam moulding is the ability to make lightweight and strong products with large variations in material thickness. The tension in the material is minimized because the process is carried out without holding pressure.

The primary disadvantage is the flamed appearance of the product surface, which makes painting necessary for optimum visual appearance.

AVK Plast has extensive accumulated experience in structural foam moulding and knows the potential pitfalls in the development of products with this technology.

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