Injection moulding of plastics

We offer injection moulding in all types of technical plastic materials. We produce products ranging from a few grams and up to 37kgs. We have +40 state-of-the-art machines, ranging from 35 to 2700 tons of clamping force.

Working 3 shifts a day, we often utilize the weekends as a buffer to meet our customers’ demands. That is why our delivery performance is near 100%. If customers experience sudden and extraordinary demand for goods, we can respond with a few days’ notice.

Injection moulding is the corner stone of our business. We work continuously to develop our production and services. We produce and manufacture a long range of different products for many demanding industries, including wind- and medico, and have incorporated their demands and needs into our production.

Injection moulding is a complex task with a lot of variables. That is why we continuously perform trial runs to optimize the production, and the products, with great advantage to our customers. Quality is ensured through fixed processes and ongoing measuring.