Innovation and consulting within engineering plastics

We provide consulting to our customers for new developments, product optimization and other technical issues. You will be able to reduce time-to-market and achieve a better product, when our technical knowledge is included from the beginning.

As leading experts within engineering plastics, we have many years of knowledge and experience within plastics materials, injection moulding techniques and product- and tool design which can have a significant and crucial impact on function and cost of your new product.
Idea and product development

We perform idea and development tasks for our customers from different industries. Often there are high technical demands, and a short time-to-market. We use our 10-step development model, which has proven to be very useful, using decades of experience combined with the latest best practice.

We always recommend a close collaboration on new development, especially when there are high complexity and specific demands from the end users.

We work from your idea and develop a description of the function of the item. In this process, we also include demands from the market, technical properties, standards, mechanical demands etc.
This way you will get from idea to solution in the most ideal way.

If you want our help throughout the entire developments phase, we can also assist with technical drawings, and make sure to challenge the process, which will result in a product that is optimized for its purpose.