AVK Plast

AVK Plast is expert in injection moulding of plastic parts, and we produce a wide range of plastic components.

Through decades, our employees have combined exclusive craftmanship and know-how, with modern technology and automated processes. All this to live up to our ambition, of being one of Europe’s leading suppliers of plastic components.

Innovating your future

We are experts in supporting our customers in the development of products, all the way from an idea to a full-scale production and logistic set-up.

We differentiate from our competitors, by offering innovative solutions that can withstand even the most difficult environments.

Our expertise is plastic for windmills, water supply and energy solutions. To know which raw materials that works, makes it possible to achieve a long-term solution, no matter the size of the item.


With a number of knowledgeable professionals, AVK Plast is a professional sparring partner who supports the development of your product from idea to finished product.

We help you, whether you come with rough sketches or finished drawings, and offer qualified advice regarding functionality, design, raw materials and tools.

Sustainability and circular economy