Choice of material

When it comes to choosing the right material, it always depends on the specific demands of the product. Factors influencing the choice can be cost, mechanical properties, surface, transparency, chemical resistance, food- or drinking water approval etc.

Choosing the optimal material

Often you are faced with a choice between different alternatives, and you need to prioritize which one meets most of your requirements. We can assist you in deciding which material to choose, and hereby achieve the best quality against the requirements made.

Recycled plastics

We are experts in recycled plastics, and whenever possible we will suggest recycled material as an option. The quality of available recycled material continues to improve and making it possible to use for an increasing number of products. Today we can source a long range of homogenous materials with sufficient quality to meet a long range of requirement, while also contributing to a significant cost reduction, and a sustainable product with benefits to the environment.

Virgin material

Not all products can be produced using recycled plastic. With virgin material we can meet requirements for flame retardancy, chemical resistance, strength, flexibility, UV and thermal properties. Virgin material will be the obvious choice when designing and producing technical products with specific requirements, or if it is exposed to demanding environments.

We frequently process most types of technical plastics and use our knowledge to supply top consulting. We work closely with leading suppliers of raw materials, and we are always updated on new developments and trends in the market.