Plastic Injection Moulding / Assembly


AVK Plast are experts in injection moulded plastic solutions, and the company has built up an extensive experience in many different fields of application and injection moulding techniques.

Our expertise is very wide, what applies to subject size, application, design and size of the series. However, we have special expertise in the manufacture of large items.

Known, as being a very flexible partner our capacity adapts dynamically to customers needs and we easily handle small series productions as well as mass production round the clock.

We have machines with locking power from 30 to 2700 tonnes, covering components weight from a few grams up to way over 35 kg (depending of material choice).

We will always proceed based the customer’s needs, and what solution he seeks. We analyse the requirements and add knowledge and competence, so that all parties end up with the optimal solution.

As advisors we tribute with proactive, competent and honest recommendations as to how the product can be optimized.


If the customer wants a product completed with the installation, assembly or similar, this is performed in our Montage fully automatic, semi automatic or manually as required.

Various ready-for-shipment-packed solutions may also be offered to customers worldwide.