Plastics / Applications

Among a variety af plastics, we also produce applications. Size wise we make plastics from a few g up to approx. 17 kg.

The applications vary from large solid products, where the cosmetic design is more irrelevant to other products, where design, cosmetic appearance and exact colours are necessary and essential criteria.

Production for the food and medico industry then again makes special requirements, where migration-free and clean productions are crucial factors.

Some plastics require extremely high precision within tenths of millimetres, which makes especially high requirements for machine design, production equipment and processes.

Today, AVK Plast  makes all the above types of products, and the plastics will be produced for a very wide range of Danish and foreign companies within all kinds of businesses.

However, AVK Plast has obtained special expertise, in some trades, as for example:

  • Foods / Drinking Water
  • Handikap
  • Tele-Industry
  • Medico
  • Energy Sector
  • Pallets / Transport materiel
  • Wastereceptacles / Containers
  • Plastis tyres and – rims