Logistics and Plastic Pallets

We are the leading manufacturer of plastic pallets in Europe, along with our sister company in the Netherlands. The pallets are produced with recycled post-consumer plastics, helping our customers to improve their sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

Our production of plastic pallets is highly efficient and flexible. Along with our sister company, we produce and distribute plastic pallets to a long range of industries all over the world.

Big assortment, high-quality, custom-made solutions and short delivery time. These are the keystones in the growth we have experienced, and which is expected to continue for many years to come.

The advantages of plastic pallets

It comes with a great number of advantages when choosing plastic pallets over traditional wooden pallets. Cost, low weight and hygienic properties are some of them.

Please visit Q-Pall for more information: https://qpall-plastic-pallets.com/